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Young buskers in sunny Kilbirnie

The Rock Academy runs fun school holiday programs at the end of December and the end of January for creative kids who are interested in music. The holiday programme caters for kids of all musical levels, from the very beginning to the more experienced. It's a holiday program ideal for singers guitarists and pianists. We also run a school of rock type of event on Thursday, 25 January which is well suited to drummers. This is a unique program to Wellington and New Zealand. We have had Young musicians from Auckland flying in for the week also Taranaki and Masterton. The busking is a huge hit with the kids, we take them out every day and the money they make they get to keep and split amongst themselves. This experience is also fantastic for the confidence we've had parents come back to us saying that their children who previously had problems with social anxiety had had a huge effect on helping these kids with future social situations. You might want to mention to the kids that we go to the cafe every day just before busking and although we limit sweet items to 1 per person this part of the holiday program is great for social interaction. Please note kids are also welcome to bring their packed lunch.

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