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Rock Band School Wellington

Are you 8 years old or older?  Do you want to play gigs? Do you want to record in a recording studio and have your music on Spotify?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then contact us today and book a free trial lesson with one of our bands. We will place you with band members of a similar age and level. 

Do you want to be in a band?

Our band school is ideal for young musicians who want to play in a band on a weekly basis, at least twice per year and write and record their own music. Like the School of Rock movie, the band members get to choose the music they want to play and the mentors help guide them through the learning process to master the music. Band practice runs for one hour every week during the school term.


The band space has top-quality equipment. A Mackie PA with six vocal microphones, Gretch drum kit (which has been muted down to keep volumes at a manageable level), Zildjian cymbals, Fender and Marshall guitar amps, SWR bass amp, electric piano with weighted and touch-sensitive keys.


'Hey Geoff - thanks for organising a great night out for the kids at the Fringe bar yesterday. It was excellent - loved watching them and their standard is really great for their age and experience. Thanks for all your encouragement of Anabel - she’s loving band. Best regards, Jo Williment

Young music pupils performing on stage at Smoke Free Rock Quest


Located in the heart of Wellington at Left Bank Cuba Street. Perfect whether you are in the western or eastern suburbs of Wellington.

The Band Mentors

Our band mentors are some of the best in Wellington and are passionate musicians who are personable and love teaching. They either study music or have studied, play in bands/solo or specialise in studio recording. All their valuable knowledge is ready to pass on to our pupils.



Our bands gig interm 2 and 4. We hold our concerts at band venues around Wellington and encourage the parents to 'manage' the bands so the kids can gig more. School fairs, festivals and Christmas concert are always popular for young bands. The Smoke-Free Rock Quest is another event on the Rock Academy calendar and we help our bands write and prepare to play on the big stage.


'Hello, My name is Margaux Astrid. I find the 'Rock Academy' really fun! I love interacting with the other students there, and jamming with our teacher. Another reason why I like Rock Academy is the location. Some students that are in my band come from far and wide but since I live in Wellington City, it's just a hop away! Furthermore, I love Rock Academy because we can have fun, and express ourselves. I attend another band, and I can't really express myself there, because my band members are older than me, and so I find it hard to communicate with them, but for some reason, the Rock Academy makes me feel comfortable to express myself. Overall, I think the Rock Academy is an extravaganza! I look forward to going there on Thursdays and having the time of my life. Thank You!'

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