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Mobile Singing Lessons Wellington

Are you looking for singing lessons in the Wellington region? Our singing lessons are a mix of fun modern songs and internationally renowned vocal exercises. Our singers progress with the correct vocal techniques and have fun while doing so. Pupils get to choose the songs they want to sing and as a result, they progress, build confidence and stay passionate about music and vocal training. Our mobile service means that one of our tutors can come to you for a convenient singing lesson. Pupils of all ages are welcome for lessons.

Girl singing while attending holiday programme in Wellington

Recording with Francesca

Concerts and Recording

We run performer's concerts and band concerts every term where our pupils can perform on stage at a great venue in Wellington and perform their favourite songs. They can play solo, with a friend, their tutor or as a band. It is an event the whole family can enjoy. We also love to record our pupils and have a network of small recording studios where we record with backing tracks and live instruments.

Mobile Lessons

Our lessons are mobile so you don't have to leave the house for your lessons. We cover the greater Wellington area and our teachers manage their time tables to suit you. It is a great experience for the pupils - not only do they get to learn in a comfortable environment, they also build the habit of playing and practicing at home.

Book now and receive your first mobile music lesson free. The perfect way to find out if our teachers are the right for you.

Singing Teachers

Our singing teachers are some of the best in Wellington and are passionate singers and musicians themselves. They are personable, easy to get along with and have a love of teaching. Their passion for singing has led them to study music past or present, play in bands or perform as solo singers live or in the studio. All of their valuable knowledge is ready to pass on to our pupils to help them become more confident, accomplished singers. All our singing teachers have been vetted by NZ police.