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Mobile Singing Lessons Wellington

If you're in the Wellington region and seeking singing lessons, we offer a unique blend of enjoyable contemporary music and proven vocal exercises. Our singing students not only have a great time, but also learn proper vocal techniques that help them improve.


By allowing pupils to select the songs they want to sing, we keep them engaged and excited about their musical and vocal training whilst having fun. With our mobile service, one of our instructors can even come to you for a convenient lesson. We welcome pupils of all ages to join us for lessons and gain confidence and passion for music.

Girl singing while attending holiday programme in Wellington

Recording with Francesca

Concerts and Recording

Looking for opportunities to showcase your musical talent? We organize exciting performer's concerts and band concerts every term, providing our pupils with a chance to perform on stage at top-notch venues in Wellington and play their favourite songs. Whether they prefer to go solo, team up with a friend, or perform with their tutor or as part of a band, there's something for everyone. These events are a great way for families to enjoy a night out and support their loved ones' musical passions. Additionally, we have access to a network of small recording studios and love to record our pupils with backing tracks and live instruments. This way, our students can have a professional recording to share with family and friends, and can take pride in their musical accomplishments.

Book now and receive your first mobile music lesson free. The perfect way to find out if our teachers are the right for you.

Singing Teachers

Looking for a singing teacher who is not only knowledgeable, but also passionate and personable? Look no further! Our singing teachers are some of the best in Wellington, and they bring their own love of singing and music to their teaching. They are experienced musicians who have studied music at a high level, performed as solo singers or played in bands, and have real-world experience in the music industry.


As dedicated teachers, they love to share their knowledge and experience with their pupils, helping them to become more confident and accomplished singers. Additionally, all of our singing teachers have been vetted by the New Zealand police, so you can be confident that you're receiving quality instruction from a trustworthy professional.

Mobile Lessons

Don't have the time or energy to travel to your singing lesson? No problem! Our lessons are mobile, which means that we come to you instead. Whether you're based in Wellington or the surrounding areas, we can provide lessons at your convenience.


Our teachers are flexible and will work with you to schedule lessons that fit around your busy lifestyle. This way, you can learn in the comfort of your own home and build a routine of practicing and playing regularly. We believe that this approach helps our pupils become more comfortable and confident in their musical abilities, and sets them up for success in the long run.

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