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School Holiday Programme Photos - Wellington

Our holiday programme must be good because the kids take forever to leave at the end of the day! We had lots of happy parents telling us that the pupils loved the programme and that they can't wait to come back. It's a pretty cool job getting to hang out with young musicians and see them grow in confidence and maturity.


Harvey brought his trumpet this week and played some really cool melodies during the song jamming sessions. He is working up the courage to bring his trumpet busking, our fingers are crossed he does next time as it sounded amazing! His tone is beautiful and his ear for finding notes is excellent! We can see him becoming a fabulous player and playing in some really cool bands in the future! Nice work Harvey.


Tom just to the right of Harvey was king of the table tennis table and that is a title highly contested! No wonder he looks so happy. His guitar playing isn't bad either! Tom has been coming for about a year now and the intense song playing at the holiday programme and busking means he is improving dramatically every time. It's just a matter of time before he is playing the guitar like a professional.


Joseph next to Tom has just moved up from the south island and wanted to connect with some like-minded musicians and that is exactly what he did. I don't think he stopped smiling the whole time, what a cool guy to hang out with. He was a joy to have on board our programme and he has now signed up for guitar lessons with The Rock Academy. We are all looking forward to having Joseph back so we can see how he progresses and I have a feeling he is going to progress very fast and be in a band at some point in the near future.


Lorenzo who is sitting underneath Harvey's trumpet brought his bass guitar, electric guitar and his acoustic guitar. His energy for music is undeniable, he was one of the most prolific players on the holiday programme. He plays lead and rhythm guitar at a very high level and we look forward to Lorenzo being part of the next holiday programme. We are adding a 'school of rock' style band set up that will add an extra level of fun and inspiration on the last three days.

Angus Lastly, Angus on the far left joined halfway through the programme with his friend Ned. Angus's mother Wendy saw us busking down Bay Road in Kilbirnie and was keen to sign Angus up the next day! We love this sort of passion and personally, I want to work more with Angus and see his guitar playing develop. He is a super fast learner and took to our instruction very fast. With this sort of attitude, he will go a long way in life and with his music. Great work Angus!

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