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Mobile Music Lessons Wellington

The Rock Academy is a music school whose music lessons are lots of fun and inspiring. We teach with the correct techniques building a solid foundation while keeping our pupils engaged. We are based in the Wellington region and our music teachers are young, dynamic and are known for inspiring their pupils.

Free Lesson Book

If you are a beginner/intermediate, our music lessons come with a free booklet that has lots of modern popular songs, super fast-tracking exercises, and a range of different styles and techniques and we keep it fun. The results are amazing, our pupils stay connected with their music and progress accordingly. Call or email us for more information or to book your free trial music lesson. 

Mobile Lessons

Our teachers will travel to you for a more convenient and comfortable lesson. We cover the  Wellington region and our teachers manage their time tables to suit you. It is a great experience for the pupils - not only do they get to learn in a comfortable environment, they also build the habit of playing and practising at home.

Bassist and singing busking in Wellington

Concerts and Student Recording

We run performer's concerts and band concerts every term where our pupils can perform on stage at a great venue in Wellington and perform their favourite songs. They can play solo, with a friend, their tutor or as a band. It is an event the whole family can enjoy. We also love to record our pupils and have a network of small recording studios where we record with backing tracks and live instruments.

Our Music Teachers

Our music teachers are some of the best in Wellington. They are young, personable, passionate musicians who love to teach. They either study music or have studied, play in bands, perform solo or specialise in studio recording. All their valuable knowledge is ready to pass on to the next generation of young musicians.

Music Instrument Hire

During the trial period of your music lessons, you may wish to hire an instrument. We hire keyboards, guitars and ukuleles.


Book now and receive your first mobile music lesson or band school session free! The perfect way to find out if our teachers are right for you.

Guitar teacher and guitar pupil busking

Loose Heads formed in 2017 and began being mentored by The Rock Academy band school. They write their own songs and have recorded at a number of studios in Wellington. They have gigged at many locations including Newtown Festival and they reached the finals of Smoke-Free Rock Quest in 2021. They continue to be mentored by Jackson at our band school and we are proud to see them doing so well.

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