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The Rock Academy are committed to providing music lessons in the community regardless of the situation. We may have a solution to help your child learn music that is easier than you think. Drop us an email with a brief outline of your situation and we can go from there.


The Rock Academy offer sponsorship for families who would like music lessons, holiday programmes or band school tuition but are not in a position where they can afford them. Each case is often unique and requires individual tailoring. For more information please contact us today.

Youth Music Wellington

Youth Music Wellington is all about getting young bands out into the community playing music and spreading good vibes. If you are looking for a live band for a gala, school fair, festival etc, then please contact us. Our young bands are extremely professional, sound amazing and can really take an event to the next level on the smile meter. A small donation to the young band for strings etc is all that is required.

Special needs kids sing in choir

Everybody's Choir

Everybody's Choir is a free community choir run by The Rock Academy.
We get a vast variety of people attending including special needs pupils from local high schools. The aim is to provide a healing activity for those who enjoy singing and music. The music we sing is modern and lots of fun. The choir is supported by three top-class professional musicians so the sound is great for everyone. Choir runs on Mondays 1pm to 2pm at Wellington East Girls College.  

Special Needs Band

Everyone loves music and being a part of a band. We like to offer that experience to everyone. If you are interested in being part of this exciting new project please contact us today.

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