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Kids busking at holiday programme in wellington.jpeg

School Holiday Programme Rocks Wellington

Looking for a lively school holiday programme in Wellington? Look no further than our program, designed for both novice and advanced young musicians.


Singers, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, and ukulele players who enjoy playing and singing pop and rock tunes, both old and new, will find our program perfect. We blend fun and education to inspire our pupils and encourage them to express themselves through music.


Our program includes busking every day, playing in rock bands during the 3rd and 4th days, and instruction in various skills such as songwriting, vocal exercises, and basic drum beats. Our mentors are highly experienced and dedicated to inspiring the next generation of musicians, helping them to achieve their musical goals.

Confidence levels and inspiration for music can skyrocket during the holiday programme and we have had young people attend from all around the country. This programme is unique to Wellington and New Zealand.

Band School Days

Are you familiar with the movie "School of Rock"? Our Band School program offers a similar experience where pupils can express themselves in their very own rock band. The songs are carefully selected to ensure that everyone can participate, even if they are beginners. For many aspiring musicians, this program can be a transformative experience.

Contact us by email or phone to book or for more details our fantastic holiday programme!


Thanks so much for the fabulous 3 days of the holiday programme. It was such a great experience for Opal. She LOVED it! You are totally onto a winner there

-Rebecca Sinclair July 2021


14a Kemp Street Kilbirnie, Wellington

April 2024 (4 days)


Thursday is Anzac Day and we aill not be running.
Time: 8:45am to 3:30pm

Who attends

Our program is perfect for young musicians of all types, including singers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers, and ukulele players, and is designed for those up to the age of 16.


We provide portable keyboards, but guitarists should bring their own acoustic guitars. Keep in mind that our program tends to fill up quickly, so we recommend registering early to secure your spot.

Girls singing while attending a school h

Song writing

Songwriting is one of our favourite activities and is a great way to stimulate the creative part of a young mind. Starting with basic chords or lyrics, we move each pupil through the process of songwriting.

Busking trips

Our busking trips are a highlight of our program, and many of our pupils look forward to them. Performing as a group provides a safe and supportive environment for breaking down any public performance barriers.


We've observed that many pupils make significant progress throughout the holiday program as they become increasingly comfortable and confident. By the end of the final day, we always see noticeable improvements in musical ability and self-assurance.

Fun 'cool' songs

The pupils get to learn lots of cool rock and pop songs, both modern and old school. Playing and singing over the course of the holiday programme can be like having six months or a year of lessons in three or four days for some pupils.

Table Tennis


The addition of a new table tennis table to our holiday program has been a tremendous success. Pupils have enjoyed both casual and competitive games throughout the week, and it has been a source of great fun for everyone.

Table tennis table at holiday programme in wellington.jpg

Singing warm-ups

We love to encourage everyone to sing, although it is not compulsory. We find once pupils start they enjoy the exercises we teach to the group. Breathing exercises, lip trills, sirens are all fun and have the group in fits of laughter while helping them find their voice.


We just want to say a big thank you for the 4 days Luke and Sam spent at the holiday programme with you – they had an awesome time – Luke has since gone busking on his own (with his Dad in tow!) and the boys are just so into their music now!!

- Jane Wellik September 2019

Beat time

Every morning we start with beat time, where we teach the pupils basic beats and paradiddle exercises. These exercises are great for building rhythm and enthusiasm if our pupils find themselves on a drum kit in the future.

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