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Harmonizing Hearts: Tanya's Guitar Progress to Bring Festive Music Home

Tanya, a Wellington resident, eagerly anticipates her annual Christmas visits to Auckland to reunite with her family. One cherished tradition they all share is singing beautiful Samoan songs and harmonizing together. However, there has always been one missing element—the guitar.

Determined to surprise her family this Christmas, Tanya embarked on guitar lessons three weeks ago. She has been diligently attending two lessons per week, making significant progress. Already, she has mastered essential chords like A, Em, D, G, and E major. With these chords under her belt, she has been able to strum along to basic songs such as "The Rolling Ocean," "Three Little Birds," and "Groovy Rhythm." Currently, she is preparing to tackle "Hallelujah" in the key of G.

In addition to these songs, Tanya has also learned the melodies for "Happy Birthday" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Moreover, she has begun working on a special chromatic finger exercise, a secret technique that enhances guitar learning at remarkable speeds.

With approximately six months remaining until Christmas, Tanya aims to increase her chord-changing speed. Her goal is to play the guitar alongside her family as they sing and harmonize together. We will periodically update her story, sharing her progress through photos and videos.

We all look forward to seeing her story unfold!

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