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Lovinia starts singing tuition at The Rock Academy

I'm Lovinia, and my passion lies in the art of singing. Throughout my life, I've immersed myself in the world of music, often accompanying myself with the piano. For me, music isn't just a hobby—it's a powerful outlet for creativity and self-expression. Songwriting is where my heart truly sings.

Moreover, I believe music is a gateway to collaboration. It's incredible how it brings people together, whether in jazz ensembles, choirs, orchestras, bands, and beyond. The diversity of musical opportunities is endless, and I relish every chance to be part of such vibrant teams.

Exciting news: I'll be bringing my expertise to the Wellington suburbs, including Lyall Bay, Seatoun, and Newtown, where I'll be teaching the joys of singing. If you're ready to explore the magic of music and unlock your vocal potential, I'd be delighted to embark on this musical journey with you.

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