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Freyja joins The Rock Academy. Singing lessons from Kelburn to Te Aro and Northland to Wilton.

Updated: Mar 4

Hi there! My name is Freyja and I am thrilled to be joining The Rock Academy where I’m available for lessons in singing, guitar, and ukulele. I am excited to announce that I will be teaching in Kelburn, Thirndon, Northland, Wilton, Aro Valley, Karori, Wadestown and Te Aro. 

From writing songs to putting on shows at every Christmas dinner, my innate passion for music has been ever present and longing to be nurtured. I have been singing for almost two decades and began learning instruments to support my love of songwriting. As a caring person that is committed to seeing others succeed, teaching comes very naturally to me and I really value the opportunity to share everything I have learnt, particularly surrounding something I am so passionate about.

I began performing only five years ago, and have since had the pleasure of performing at venues such as Baycourt, the Rotorua Jazz Club, Meow, the Rogue and Vagabond, Totara Street, and at the Katikati Twilight Concert. Over this time, I have experienced performing in everything from jazz big bands, to solo gigs, to cover bands where I encountered genres such as pop, jazz, blues, r&b, rock, etc.  Regardless of a student’s experience, interests, goals, or learning style, I will provide  personalised teaching that keeps them engaged and passionate, to ensure we always remember why we take lessons in the first place - our love of music.

I am entirely passionate about all things music and am currently dedicating my life to this artform. In addition to a Certificate of Music from Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Music at the New Zealand School of Music Te Kōkī where I major in Jazz Performance.

Music has always been a quintessential part of my being, it is simply something I have always done. It was not until highschool that I began to take my music journey more seriously with the help of my incredibly caring and supportive network of teachers that nurtured my talents and pushed me to think bigger. Thanks to my inspiring mentors, I wholeheartedly believe that great teachers possess the ability to significantly influence their students’ lives, and I would be honoured to be this person for the next generation of young musicians.

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