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Which guitar should I learn on?

Choosing the right guitar for learning the guitar can be an important decision to make. There are three main types of guitars you can learn guitar on: nylon string acoustic, steel string acoustic or electric guitar. All three types of guitar are fine to learn the guitar on. Once you can play one type then you can play all three as the guitar strings are all tuned the same. I personally own all three types of guitars as they are all lovely to play.

The benefits of the three seperate guitars are as follows:

Nylon string guitars are usually for learning Spanish or classical music. They usually have large necks, which can be hard for small hands but great for large hands. These guitars have a nice mellow tone and are good for late night.

Steel string guitars are great for modern music, pop, blues, rock and ballard. The strings can be a little hard on the fingers to start with but your finger tips will harden. Make sure you ask for light strings to make it easy in the beginning of your guitar lessons. These guitars are really good for singer song writers and some of these guitars can plug into an amp, ideal for bands or playing solo on stage.

Electric guitars are usually played through an amp giving you volume! They are also very easy to learn guitar on due to the fact they have light strings. You can play mellow guitar music on them and you can also play rock! The distorted or dirty sound you hear in rock music comes from the amplifier. There is usually a button that turns the dirty sound on. Why wait to rock when we can teach you straight away!

*All these guitars come in a three quarter size for the smaller guitar pupil.

Once you have made your purchase then its time to find a guitar teacher that can inspire you to rock! (or roll).

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