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Three ways to tune a guitar

Tuning a guitar.

There are a few ways to tune a guitar and today we are going to look at three of them..

1. From an instrument like a piano, keyboard or another guitar.

2. From the low E string on your guitar.

3. From a guitar tuner app on your phone.

Getting use to tuning from another instrument is really good for your ear. If your guitar is a long way out of tune a guitar tuner app might not work so well for you.

If one of your strings is out of tune you can use the string above to tune it. For example if your A string is out of tune then you can play the 5th fret along your low E string (which is an A) to find the correct pitch. Hum each note to find out if the out of tune A string is higher or lower and then tune it.

It is handy to have a guitar teacher to take you through this process over a period of time as it is not easy at first. Be patient and good luck 🙂

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