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Song writing good for the soul….

Over the years I have written dozen of songs, some have been recorded, some played live and some played on radio. There is no destination when it comes to song writing, it is all very much in the moment. The magic of creativity comes in a slit second and leaves just as fast. What we capture on paper or on a recording device is a snap shot of the incredible light and color that flashes into our being.

Just because we write songs doesn’t mean that they need to go any further than the page we write them on and that is the hidden beauty. Sometimes we feel something more has to be done with what we write but that is not necessarily so. Just the act of writing something is all that is needed. The pages metaphorically speaking can turn to dust with our body and soul.

If at this point you are stuck perhaps you could contact us as we love to help budding song writers on their way 🙂

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