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School holiday program a hit in Wellington!

The Rock Academy are pleased to announce that their third term school holiday program was a fantastic success! We had rock band coaching, guitar lessons, singing lessons, harmony training, busking, guest speakers, song writing sessions, equipment work shops and more.

The guitar lessons were awesome! With two to three guitar lessons a day the pupils progressed at a super fast rate. They learned more in a week than they would in 8 weeks!

The singing lessons took some pupil from never singing right through harmonizing by the end of the week. We took them through the correct breathing techniques, scales, voice placement and harmony.

Song writing. The pupils got together and came up with their own original music, writing songs and then playing and singing them. In the next program we are looking to set up recording as well so we can get their creations recorded.

We took the guys busking and man did they make some great money. Andy was in his first week of guitar playing but that didn’t stop him going out and making twenty bucks on a sunny afternoon down Cuba St on the friday! The big group made ten dollars each for lunch!

The guest speakers had fantastic inspiring stories. Some of The Rock Academy’s own musicians dropped by to tell their own stories about how they make a living and create in the New Zealand/Wellington music scene!

So every one had a great time and the next program which runs at the end of January 2012 looks set to be another rocking adventure!

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