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Rock Fest - An evening of youth rock bands.

Are your Thursday evenings lacking excitement? The Rock Academy youth bands will be showcasing their exceptional talents next Thursday at the Fringe Bar. Whether you have family members in the bands or not please come down for some inspiration, great food and rocking entertainment. Don’t let another boring Thursday evening get the better of you.


Where: Fringe Bar - 26 Allen Street

When: Thursday, 14 September

Arrival time: At least 45 minutes before performance time.

Performance time: Between 530pm to 830pm.

Can someone please bring a drum kit and a keyboard and stand? Please let me know ASAP. If you haven’t already in the past it might be nice to put your hand up.

If you have any time restrictions please let me know. I will organize the time and order of bands prior to the gig. We will let you know what time your band will be playing one week before the gig.

What to bring: Music/lyrics if you need, guitars, leads and tuners. Drum sticks.

What to wear: Something cool and rad!!!

Cover charge: $3 for adults and children. Proceeds go to payment of the venue hire, sound man and tutors who help.

Please let me know if you are not comfortable with photos and videos going onto Facebook and YouTube. I only put the best-looking pics up so the kids always feel good about themselves.

The Fringe bar has some tasty food for dinner or snacks.

Band Concert Video:

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