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New guitar tutor Byron W joins The Rock Academy

Byron - Guitar Tutor, Taonga Pūoro Practitioner and Music Producer

Enjoy your guitar learning experience with a friendly, professional and passionate teacher. A resident guitar teacher for The Rock Academy - Byron Webb, has over 20 years of guitar performance experience as well as over 15 years of guitar teaching experience. Byron regularly performs live at music events across Aotearoa and is well travelled internationally, having performed in Europe and the Middle East. The culmination of these efforts has been the signing of two independent music releases by European record labels for vinyl pressing in 2022.

Students can be assured that guitar lessons with Byron will be fun, engaging, and tailored to suit the individual needs of each student, as well as covering a broad range of technical proficiencies. With an in-depth knowledge of guitar techniques and genres, a typical lesson with Byron might focus on the core methods of guitar performance, note learning and theory, listening, or on the theories and processes involved in original music composition, depending on the interests and strengths of each learner.

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