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Live performance tips for playing music on stage

Live performance tips:

The main thing to focus on is having fun. It doesn’t matter how many people come to your show all that matters is you are having fun and you perform your best.

Preparation is the mother of success.

1. Practice 2. Make a list of what you need to take to your gig. 3. Let your friends know you are playing

I always find it is best to rest on the day of your gig. One or two hours on stage is like running race. Turning on the musical part of your brain can take some time, do some warm ups on the day of the gig and perhaps play through a verse and chorus of each song. Try not to over practice though, this can use up all your musical mojo.

How you choose to perform is your choice, how you choose to play is your choice. There are no rules in music and this is what makes music so great, you are free to play and express yourself. If it feels good, it is good, if it sounds good, it is good and you get to decide.

Lastly if you are playing to just one person (and in New Zealand that is a real possibility) give them a show that will at least help them forget their troubles for just an hour or two.

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