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Lattitude - Say it ain't so...

The Island Bay Fair came alive with the vibrant sounds of high school band Latitude, as they took to the stage with their electrifying performance. With enthusiasm radiating from both the audience and the band, they created an atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation. At the forefront of the band's captivating performance is Sophia, the lead singer, whose clear, powerful voice and charming stage presence effortlessly commanded attention. Alongside her, Scarlett's skilful guitar playing infused the air with a distinct tone, delicately laced with reverb, while also providing solid backup vocals. Together, Sophia and Scarlett formed a formidable vocal duo, enhancing the band's sonic landscape with their harmonious blend. Ruben's lead guitar work added a layer of dynamism and melody to the band's sound, characterized by directness and flair. His stage presence exuded confidence and charisma, contributing to the band's overall magnetic appeal. Seb's drumming served as the heartbeat of the band's performance, driving the music forward with dynamic rhythms and inventive fills. His explosive energy and impeccable feel for the music added depth and intensity to each song, keeping the audience on their feet and fully engaged. Overall, Latitude delivered a high-octane performance that was both energetic and engaging, showcasing a level of maturity and musicianship beyond their years. The Rock Academy's creative director was thrilled by their performance and expressed eagerness to record the band's first single in the coming months. Everyone at The Rock Academy couldn't be prouder of Latitude's achievements and eagerly anticipates their next performance, knowing that they will continue to captivate audiences with their electrifying music and infectious energy. Keep an eye out for Latitude – they're bound to make waves in the music industry! The Rock Academy  Wellington New Zealand

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