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Kids drive parents crazy during two weeks of school holiday torture...

I've got kids, I know what it's like. They are stuck at home with you and you are stuck at home with them. Two weeks of pure torture. I would give my life for my children but the thought of school holidays sends a cold shiver down my spine.

Luckily school holiday programmes like ours can save you all the pain. Leave them with us for 6 and 3/4 hours, we'll inspire them, instruct them and most importantly...wear them out!

They get to build their confidence (and more importantly to them, make a ton of cash) during our busking trips. They will learn up to 8 new songs per day and leap ahead with their playing level at the same time!

I'm not lying when I say we book out fast. We book out every holidays so please book now if you would like to secure your spot.

Located Saint Patricks Hall 17 Rongotai Road Kilbirnie.

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