The Rock Academy holiday programme is ideal for young singers, musicians and kids who love to be creative and play cool music. The holiday programme is super fun and has just the right element of education to keep any young muso excited. During the programme the young rockers learn loads of popular songs both modern and old school. We also help them to write their own songs, take them busking (Kilbirnie, Wellington) and teach them lots of tricks to arm them for the future. We run workshops to help them understand the music industry and how they can be successful with their music at any level.

The pupils are beaming by the end of the holiday programme and we get lots of great feedback.  It’s a holiday programme unique to Wellington and we have had pupils fly in from Auckland to attend.


This programme is ideal for singers, guitarists, bass, keyboard and ukulele (sorry no drums) and is suitable for ages up to 14.

We have portable keyboards and portable microphone/PA. Guitarists need to bring acoustic guitars as do ukulele and bass players.


Ideal for beginner pupils and advanced pupils. Each of the educational activities are designed so that all levels are challenged and engaged at the same time.


Week 1: Wednesday, 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th

Week 2: Monday 27th, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 29th.

Start: 8:45am       Finish 3:30pm


Learning new and exciting songs

The kids get to learn lots of cool rock and pop songs both modern and old school. Playing and singing over the course of the holiday programme can be like having six months or a year of lessons in three days. The improvements can be amazing. Seeing the young musicians and singers move ahead leaps and bounds is a very satisfying part of our job.

Kilbirnie’s got talent

Pupils learn how to audition, introduce themselves, hold eye contact and perform a piece to the group. There is no pressure and it’s not compulsory. We try and help the shy kids come out of their skin and the more confident kids learn tricks to help them on stage and in life.

Busking trips

The busking trips are great for building confidence in young people. We see shy kids come out of their shell and confident kids learn to focus their energy in a public environment. It’s honest work and they deserve every cent they earn. This activity is a highlight of the holiday programme for many participants.

Beat time

Every morning we start with some basic exercise’s and beat time is lots of fun. We start with basic beats and sometimes even introduce a paradiddle exercise.

Lucy and Eva playing the guitar at The Rock Academy School Holiday Programme, Kilbirnie, Wellington.

Songwriting workshops 

This is a great way for the participants to experience and advance their songwriting and creative channels. If they have never written a song before then we help the pupils get the ball rolling. We help the young musicians to structure with basic chords and express their inner voice through music and sometimes lyrics.

Singing lessons/exercises

Singing exercise’s, warm up’s and scales every morning. A great way for everyone to learn a little about singing. We encourage all the kids to sing, for themselves or to help project their voice into the world.

Technique upskill sessions

Learning new riffs, licks, chords, tricks and techniques. These little workshops are great for showing tricks that really help speed up the learning curve of the young musicians.

Industry workshops

Learning what it means to be a successful musician however ambitious or unambitious that may be. We take the pupil through different scenarios whether it be learning to jam with mates, record, gig or even if it just means playing for themselves. There is no right or wrong way to play music as long as they are enjoying themselves and music is adding something valuable to their life.


The beautiful St. Patrick’s Parish Hall, 5 Rongotai Road, Kilbirnie. 


Thanks so much for the fabulous 3 days of the holiday programme. It was such a great experience for Opal. She LOVED it! You are totally onto a winner there ☺ Rebecca Sinclair July 2018

Just want to say a big thanks for the 3 days Luke and Sam spent at the holiday programme – they had an awesome time – Luke has since gone busking on his own (with his Dad in tow!) and the boys are just so into their music!! Jane Wellik September 2017

Jai, Riley and Max wrote an amazing song during the 3-day programme.


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