Mobile Guitar Lessons Wellington

Our guitar lessons are lots of fun, inspiring and easy for those starting out.  We have a free 4o page guitar booklet packed with fun modern guitar songs and exercises perfect for the beginner guitar pupil. The guitar booklet covers fingerpicking, strumming, guitar riff’s, melodies, easy lead, pop, rock, folk, country and blues. All taught at a nice easy pace. Our pupils progress fast, build in confidence and stay passionate about music. Contact

Free trial lesson.

The first lesson is free so you can see if the tutor we have assigned is the right fit for you. We find having a tutor that pupils connect with is half the battle won.  

 Concerts and pupil recording.

We run a performers concert every term where our pupils can get up on stage at a cool venue in town and perform their favourite songs. It is an event the whole family can enjoy. We also love to record our pupils and have a small recording studio where we record with backing tracks and live instruments.

Our teachers…

Our music teachers are some of the best in Wellington and are passionate musicians who are personable and love teaching. They either study music or have studied, play in bands/solo or specialise in studio recording. Valuable knowledge ready to pass on to our pupils. All our music teachers have been vetted by NZ police.

Advanced lessons.

If you are looking for more advanced guitar lessons then one of our more technical guitar teachers can help. Slash, Brian May, Santana or a host of other genius guitarists over time have laid down a path for all future virtuoso guitar players to follow. It is our job to help you master the path laid down by the past and present greats and then move on to forge your own path as a guitar great yourself. We teach you the tricks, the scales, the exercises and the technical knowledge around guitars, amps and stagecraft. Then it is up to you to take your guitar playing where you choose.


CONTACT us today to book your free trial lesson or for more information.

Brian, Sophie and Mali performing Black Bird by The Beatles