Zoom music lessons during lockdown

Music lessons during lockdown are a perfect way to learn a musical instrument. Pupils are welcome a change-up in their routine and they have more time to practice what they learn from their music teacher. Wellington doesn't have any covid cases at the moment but we are still in lockdown.

Anna, one of the piano teachers at The Rock Academy has this to say about her experience teaching piano via Zoom:

For the past 9 months, I’ve been doing Zoom lessons with a piano pupil who had to move back to China. His Dad has two cameras set up - one so that I can see his face and general posture, and the other so that I can watch his hand technique on the piano. This works really well and we’ve been having music lessons twice a week.

It isn’t a perfect system - sometimes the audio or video may glitch a little - but it’s mostly been a smooth process and has given this pupil continuity in terms of his lessons and learning the piano. I ask my pupil in China to use a metronome while playing in lessons so that even if the audio lags, I can still hear whether or not he’s playing his piano pieces in time. Even though our lessons aren’t in person, I can still hear and see the progress he’s making which is really encouraging.

Particularly for younger kids, it’s important to adjust your expectations in regards to their concentration and engagement levels - lockdowns are especially hard on kids. Just remember to adapt lessons to suit the online environment and the needs of your music pupil.

If you are looking for music lessons including; guitar, drum, vocal, singing, ukulele and piano lessons then The Rock Academy music school could be what you're ooking for.

Contact us today to book your free trial music lesson with one of our lovely and inspiring music teacher's.

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