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Starting guitar lessons on a 3/4 size guitar

The availability of 3/4 size guitars over the last 20 has helped to lower the age of people learning the guitar substantially. I remember starting on a full-size steel-string guitar. I could barely get my arm over the body and the string cut deep into my fingers, it was painful. Enter the 3/4 size guitar.

Pain-free guitar playing

The introduction of the 3/4 size guitar has meant that kids can now learn guitar pain-free and start at an earlier age.

Physical strength Because we use very unique muscles to play guitar when we start it is quite literally like learning to walk again. This is one of the reasons it takes years to learn. Piano, drums and vocals (to some extent) use muscles that are already in use so physically these instruments are a lot easier to play.

How much should I spend

In New Zealand the cost of a 3/4 size guitar is around the $200 mark. Compared to other instruments this is very affordable. There is quite a difference in a 3/4 size guitar that costs $150 compared to $250. If you can afford the slightly more expensive guitar then it's money worth spending. The sound is better and they may last a little longer, in saying that there is nothing wrong with learning on the cheaper option too. The main thing is to get them started and give them lots of en

couragement (and maybe the odd lesson along the way).

For more information please find some links below and feel free to call us for any advice you may need.

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My son Luke jamming during our holiday programme.

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