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Six string bass? Why not?

Six sing bass? Why not? It’s lots of fun playing a six string bass as apposed to a four stringed bass. More strings, more notes, more fun? There are a couple of issues that you have to get your head and fingers around with the extra strings. The first is while you play you need to make sure that none of the lower strings are ringing while you are playing the higher strings. This cause a cacophony of hum over the music. One way to do this is to place your thumb on the lower strings as you play. This technique is not easy but is achievable with practice. The second issue is there are a lot more notes to play. This will put you on another learning curve while you master the six string bass. It is an instrument that may not be for everyone or every style of music but it can be perfect for some types of music and players. Be careful not to lose the groove and most of all have fun!

Jordan jamming at The Rock Academy holiday programme on his six string bass.

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