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Singing improves mental health

Some of the benefits of singing on a regular basis during singing lessons, live performances or just in the shower are quite surprising!

1. Relieves stress Singing is a great way to relieve stress. The sweet vibrations travel all through the body and loosen all the tightness associated with stress. Cortisol drops if you are nice and relaxed while you sing. Find a place you feel most relaxed in. Singing with a teacher is always a great and safe space. 2. Stimulates the immune response I think we all know that if we lower our stress then we are living in a healthier state and that is great news for our immune system. Singing lifts levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody your body secretes to help you fend off infections. Listening doesn't quite do it so make sure you sing along!

3. Increases endorphins When you sing alone or in a group we release endorphins. We all know that endorphins are the happy hormone and even just humming can have the same effect! Whether it's a sad song or a happy song it makes no difference. Ask your teacher to teach you your favourite song.

5. Improves lung function Lungs are a muscle just like any other muscle and the more we use them the stronger we get. Now probably more than ever it is important to have good strong healthy lungs. Singing is one of the best ways to strengthen your lungs. All the breathing and technique exercises give the lungs a jolly good workout. Vocal workouts can leave you feeling very relaxed around the abdomen and shoulder areas.

9. Improves mental health and mood With all these things combined, it's quite obvious that singing is definitely beneficial to one's mental health at all ages. Having a singing teacher come to your house each week is a great way to stay motivated and tune your voice up to become a happy and tuneful singer. If you are interested in singing lessons in the wellington area then please contact us today.

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