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School of Rock Inspired Band School

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

School of Rock has done much for opening the door for young people wanting to play music. The film portrayed rock/pop music as a family-friendly passion, great for kids happiness and mental health.

When the film opened in 2004 we (those working at The Rock Academy) felt a big shift in attitudes towards popular music and music education. The decade previously had been dominated by electronic music on mainstream radio which added to the problem. This was tough going for music teachers and young musicians who wanted to expand their musical horizons. Not many kids had listening access to organic music. School of Rock was the first step towards the general public switching their opinions about contemporary music and music education. Once Youtube became popular kids had access to all styles of music and started asking their music teachers to teach them exactly what they wanted to learn.

So thank you Jack Black and...

Mike White for opening up the world of music for all budding musicians post 2004.

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