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School Holiday Program Report

I would just like to say how well all the boys performed during The Rock Academy’s Jan 2012 school holiday program. Their behavior was A+ and the amount that they improved during the week was fantastic and they all participated extremely well.

The singing sessions went beyond their expectations I think. When they started the group singing there was lukewarm enthusiasm but when they realized they weren’t too bad at it they really performed very well.

I think the busking trips were the highlight. Andy and Ralph improved the most. Their first trip netted them $1and their last trip $70! Jordan was the most consistent finishing the week with over two hundred dollars. Harrison blasted Cuba with his rock medley and was rewarded consistently over the week. Kaleb and Jesse became slick performers by the end of the week. They all improved and found their niche.

I felt a great sense of pride with the team we had together for the week. They bonded well and behaved great. It was a pleasure to get to know them all and I would love to see them back anytime.

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