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Piano Lessons Wellington and Lower Hutt

Mobile Piano Lessons: Our unique approach sees our piano pupils learn to read music and play with fun song/lyric sheets. This means they can play by reading music or play by ear. Playing by ear is great if you’re playing in a band or jamming with friends. Learning to read music is great for a growing musical mind.

We have a library of modern music to choose from and we encourage our pupils to choose music that they are also listening to.  If a pupil enjoys what they play then they have a higher chance of continuing with their instrument.

We have a piano booklet that every piano pupil receives for free. This includes easy to play beginner songs (modern) through to more advanced popular songs. Our music teachers are some of the best in Wellington, they are active, passionate and experienced musicians themselves.

Please  contact us for more information or to book your paid trial lesson today.

Tabitha playing during the Rock Academy’s holiday programme:

Piano Lessons Wellington and Lower Hutt, piano teachers wellington and lower hutt
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