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Music lessons and practicing with the metronome – super highway to become great…

Practicing basic exercises with a metronome or metronome app can be the super highway to sounding fantastic on your musical instruments. Ask yourself this questions; How can someone play three chords and sound so good? One of the most important things in this answer is timing. If you hold time well and don’t speed up or slow down too much you will add tension to the piece you are playing. Tension coupled with release makes for a journey that you take your listener on. Like any great story it is balanced.

But benefits don’t stop there. Practicing with a metronome forces you to listen to two things at once; the metronome and yourself. This exercises means that you are increasing your ability to hear and thing range of dynamics you can hear. The subtleties of your own playing with become more refined. Also you will be able to play with other people either in a band situation or a social situation, you can hear or feel when timing changes in a band and adjust your playing accordingly.

The results I have seen from pupils I have taught have been amazing! Especially with pupils that have played for a number of years. They can play all their chords well, they can play lots of tunes but theri playing sounds wooden, rushed, lazy, mono toned or mono volume. After three months of lessons with exercises at the beginning you would not recognize their playing, the improvements are mind bending.

Metronome apps are free and there are quite a few good ones out their. I have three on my phone for different applications and why not!

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