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Music for troubled youth….



The Bloom facility aims to take people suffering from mental health issues off the streets, out of the Wellington hospital and into a functioning and stimulating environment. Providing them with the tools to function positively in our community, gain employment, become involved with volunteer projects and become well within themselves.

By introducing people to our range of activities in a stable environment, we are helping to implement positive changes in their behavioural, cognitive and social functions on a daily basis.

The results so far have been outstanding. Bringing people with mental health issues together for artistic, fitness and music has seen a huge improvement in the way they interact with themselves and the community.  

Less time spent in the hospitals and more time spent in a functioning community.

Currently the wellness centre is being run in various temporary locations and needs to find a home to implement the full range of projects that could alleviate the stress that is currently being placed on the Wellington hospital and local police. At this stage we are hoping that the old artificial limbs building may become available.

The Bloom Wellness Centre is part of The Kia Ora Newtown Community Project which is already  achieving outstanding results.

The programmes include art, music, fitness, sports and community events. Community festivals are a regular event where food is provided and social interaction with fire department, police, music schools, sports teams help to bind those in the community who currently feel isolated. The Wellness centre hopes to provide a centre for events that currently run out door subject to weather.

Wellness Programmes include:

Art Sessions (Weekly)

Everybodies Community Choir (Weekly)

Youth Band School (Two days per week)

Recovering Addicts Music Sessions (Weekly) M.S.S Fitness – Movement – Stretch – Strength – 3 times per week (Currently paused) Accessible Sports – Golf – Bocce – Bowls – Tai Chi

Success to date: Since Kia Ora Newtown has opened we have seen a large drop in local crime, less aggressive begging and anti social behaviour. The Wellness centre is an extension of Kia Ora Newtown and hopes to achieve even more support and help for those in need. Once again alleviating the stress on the hospital and police around these issues.

Community Events: The Christmas Picnic was a great success and saw people coming together from all facets of the community to support each other. Isolation amongst the community is a growing issue and these events are providing huge support. 80 people attended and were fed with the help of Kia Bosh and community. Supported by local wrap around services.

Everybody’s Table: Everybodies Table is a community shared meal, 270 were attended and were fed at the old Caltex service station site. Food was provided by Kia Bosh and community. Supported by 30 volunteers including thise who suffer from isolation issues themselves.  

Employment Empowerment: Empowering people who struggle in the community is another programme that is showing results. The Addictions centre has been running a volunteer gardening programme at Cara Park in Newtown, which has followed on to paid employment for some volunteers.

Geoff Day

Community Volunteer Everybody’s Choir Youth Band Coaching The Rock Academy Music School

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