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The Rock Academy has a new drum teacher and is offering drum lessons in the Wellington area. Brendon has studied jazz drumming, rock drumming, blues drumming and gives percussion lessons also. He is a drum teacher who has experience teaching drums in one on one drum lessons and in group drum lessons. If you need a drum teacher in the wellington area then we can come to you for the drum lessons. As with all the music lessons that The Rock Academy provide, our drum lessons are very inspirational. All our music lessons are with music teachers who are passionate about music and music lessons. If you would like to try a drum lesson then please don’t hesitate to call Ph: 021 565 750 or email: I’m sure you won’t be disapointed with the drum lessons and you are under no obligation to continue after the first drum lesson.

We also have fantastic guitar lessons and guitar teachers. The guitar lessons for beginners are amazing. The method for our beginner guitar lessons is out standing. Our guitar teachers are passionate musicians themselves. They pride themselves on mentoring our future musicians to create better musicians for the future. If you are looking for more advanced guitar lessons then we can choose the right guitar tutor to help you learn on the guitar what you need to.

Our singing lessons are hosted by some of the best singing teachers around. During the singing lessons we take our pupils through scales, breathing exercises, interval training and much more. The second half of the singing lessons is filled with songs that the singing pupils choose themselves. Our vocal coaches make the singing lessons fun. They are also in singing groups so the cost is not too much for the singing lessons. Please contact us for a trial singing lesson. Some of the best music lessons, singing lessons, guitar lessons and drum lessons in wellington.

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