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Is an electric guitar ok to learn on?

In short yes. There are some advantages and some disadvantages.

ADVANTAGES: The strings are lower to the fret board. This makes it easier to press down on the strings making chords easier to play.

The strings are usually a lighter gauge (meaning thinner). This also make it easier to press down on the the strings.

You look cooler when you play…whoops did i just say that!?

Another cool thing is you can switch the distortion on your amp to get that ‘rock sound’. Your amp should have a clean sound too. You can also turn your amp up loud to annoy your mum when you don’t get your own way (not advised but lots of fun). The extra volume also means you can jam with a drummer or a band load of mates.

DISADVANTAGES: Because it is louder it can make your mistakes stand out a lot more! But you can play an electric unplugged, I do this a fare amount when the kids are in bed.

An electric guitar is harder to play at the beach or the park. Unless you have a battery powered amp. So it’s not as portable.

TEST: The best thing to do is to take your time before you buy. Annoy the hell out of all the music shops in your area. Learn a couple of chords and go in and try a few guitars in the shop, every day. See what feels the best and then get one in your price range. Don’t be scared of music shop sales assistants, they are just sensitive musicians under that tough guy exterior.

Most guitarist have more than one guitar so chances are you’ll end up with both eventually, good luck!

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