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How much music should kids practice?

I’ve been teaching music for 28 years now and the longer I teach the more I realize that practice for kids under the age of 10 is not so important. I have seen so many cases where kids never practice and then by the time they are 10 or 11 they are playing very well.

One young man who I taught from the age of 8 to the age of 10 never practiced and was the slowest learner. I couldn’t give up on him though, he had no dad and his mum use to ply me with tea and biscuits and tell me I was his greatest mentor. 7 years later I saw him play live ripping out a Metalical solo and he was absolutely shredding! His mum was there and after the performance she told me when he turned 13 he started playing non stop.

The two years of lessons laid down a very solid foundation to build from.

I have many stories like this so please don’t be too hard on the young ones and let them enjoy and express themselves at their one pace.

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