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Guitar Luthier’s In Wellington

Guitar pupils are very lucky in Wellington with two very awesome guitar luthier’s to choose from.

If you are getting guitar lessons it is very important to have your string close to your fret board. If you are not sure please ask your guitar teacher to inspect your guitar.

Mel and Steve at Weta guitars have been making and repairing guitars for close to 30 years. Many guitar pupils have benifited from their beautiful craftmanship. When the guitar pupil gets their guitar back for guitar lessons the ease of which playong guitar is noticible straight away.

Ray Mercer has been out of the guitar repair/making game for the last sixteen years doing a great job looking after the the community through the Wellington City council. The work he has done there has been exceptional. The work he is now doing back as a guitar  luthier is equaly exceotional.

If you are having guitar lessons and think your string are a little hard to play, please contact one of these great guitar luthier’s and be amazed and how easy guitar playing can be.

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