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Free piano exercises - Finger exercises fast track piano pupils

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Having basic finger exercises as part of your piano practice routine will dramatically speed up your progress. Having a range of simple piano exercises that work the fingers together and separately really helps to coordinate each finger.

It's simple and wow, it so effective!

We find pupils who practice their piano exercises just a couple of times a week progress faster, and also transition into scales, chords, soloing and improvising much quicker.

Easy exercises that require little or next to no brain power are excellent for warming up or for a quick and easy practice.

Sometimes we don't feel like practicing and it's not so much that the body isn't capable, it is more a case of having the mental energy to play music. These piano exercises are perfect when you find yourself in this state of mind. I have found that sometimes after completing a few easy exercises I then feel inspired to progress to playing more.

I highly recommend basic finger exercises like these if you want to progress as a piano player whether you are a beginner or have been playing for longer.

Ask your piano teacher, look for some resources online or ask us. We are happy to send you the file below for free.

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