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‘I have an awesome way of making a drum kit out of chairs for the drum lessons. The kids really love it and when they do move onto a real drum kit the transition is super easy. I’m sure your son will love the way our drum lessons are structured as they are so much fun. We can do lots with practice pads as well. The foundation that the kids get off of the practice pad is fantastic. During the drum lessons we teach them paradiddles, rudiments, basic beats and so on. I have found that the drummers who learn this way have great musicality when they finally move onto the drum set. If you are worried about the noise of a drum kit, have you considered an electric drum set? They are great to learn on, really quiet and relatively cheap as far as musical instruments go. You can get second hand drum sets for as little as $200 on trade me. We also have a drum kit you can hire for drum lessons, a small fee applies. Please contact us if any of these ideas suit your needs.

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