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December – School Holiday Program Wellington

The dates for our demcenber school holiday programme wellington have been announced:

December school holiday programme: 20th to 22nd Wednesday to Friday.

The Rock Academy’s holiday programme is perfect for young singers and musicains.

Daily activities include:

Activities include:

Daily Busking Trips – Great for building confidence in young musicians. The money is a motivating factor too. As a group they can make over $200 per day. Group Jam Sessions Acoustic – Being surrounded by other like minded individuals is inspiring and elevates the learning process. This is where they learn lots of new modern pop and rock songs.

The Rock Academy’s Got Talent – Pupils learn how to audition, introduce themselves, hold eye contact and perform a piece to take out the Rock Academy’s Got Talent trophy.  Singing Lessons/Exercises – Singing exercises, warm up’s and scales every morning.

Technique Up Skill Sessions – Learning new riffs, licks, chords, tricks and techniques.

Industry Workshops – Learning what it means to be a successful musician however ambitious or unambitious that may be. Solo and Group Songwriting Sessions – Pupils are asked to write their own songs over the three days. They can be a bit nervous about this at the start but finish the week confident about the whole process.

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