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Breathing is the key to relaxed singing

Having some good breathing exercises in your toolbox is key to staying in vocal shape. A simple hissing exercise is a great place to start. Do it in the car, in the shower, anywhere you are not moving. You will strengthen your abdomen muscles and your diaphragm and this will support your voice which is the key to getting your voice in the optimum range.

How to hiss...

Breathe in but stop your shoulders from lifting up. You want to breathe into your stomach and lower ribs. Once you have drawn a breath hiss out loudly. Repeat 4 or 5 times a day.

What is the diaphragm...

The diaphragm is a muscle that sits on top of your stomach and organs. Ideally, you want the diaphragm to push down onto your stomach and organs to created space. This space is for the lower part of your lungs to inflate. If we inflate the lower part of the lungs then we keep the neck area free from tension. This keeps the larynx and vocal cords relaxed meaning we sing better and maintain better vocal health.

Lip trills...

Lip trills are also a great way to build strength for singing safely. I lip trill is basically a raspberry with a music note or a series of notes. Simply blow a raspberry and hum at the same time. Link for a tutorial:

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