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Band School Wellington on the cusp…

Wellington has been without a band school for a loooooong time. This is about to change. Band School – Rock Academy is opening spaces for its first bands. Run out of our Lyall Bay studio space with all the equipment provided.

We are considering all ages at this stage but are hoping for a younger band (10 – 12 years) and an older band (12 to 15).

The songs will be chosen by the band members and we also have a great catalogue of cool modern songs that work for first time band members. The bands will be encouraged to write their own songs too.

There will be 5 members per band. Guitar amps, bass amp, keyboard, drums and PA will be provided.

Both bands will be given the chance to record in a professional recording studio and live performance is something that will be explored. Smoke Free Rock Quest will be a feature performance opportunity. Help from parents finding gigs is welcome.

To inquire about joining please contact us today.

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