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Band School finds new premises in Newtown Wellington

Exciting news at The Rock academy this month. We are moving our band school to new and improved premises. We have secured a room at the old Salvation Army premises in Rintoul Street Newtown. This gives us our very own Band School studio on a full time basis. The premises will also have a stage and performance area and we plan to hold our regular concerts here. Our Band school pupils love knowing they can show their friends and family what they have been working on and parents love to see how their kids are progressing. Its such an exciting night and its the highlight of the term.

The other fantastic feature of our new premises means the band school can expand. Currently we have 3 bands, but with the new premises we now have room for many more bands to form. So if you are an aspiring musician in Wellington who wants to get involved with a our band school, now is the time. We need guitar, piano and drum players, as well as singers. This is your chance to be part of your very own band with the opportunity to write original songs, perform and record them. So get in touch with us asap and make your dreams happen!

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