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Adult Singing Lessons in Kilbirnie, Wellington

The results I get with my singing pupils are phenomenal. I see my singers gain control, power, connection, placement, timing, and range within the first few singing lessons. I am located in Kilbirnie Wellington very close to the main bus route.

My method is simple but very effective. I will take you through a range of exercises and an easy pace so that you continue to enjoy the way you sing. At the same time, you will magically get better and your friends and bandmates will be commenting on your improved vocal abilities.

The key to great singing is to stay relaxed and not think too much about technique. The technique happens during the lessons and your own practice at home. When you gather with your friends or bandmates then it's time to forget the exercises, relax and open your voice to express yourself.

Contact me now to book your free trial lesson and we can discover the pathway to better singing together.

Best wishes

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