Mobile Singing Lessons Wellington

Are you looking for singing lessons in the Wellington region? Our singing lessons are a mix of fun modern songs and internationally renowned vocal exercises. Our singers progress with the correct vocal techniques and have fun while doing so.   The pupils get to choose the songs that they want to sing and as a result, they progress, build in confidence and stay passionate about music and vocal training. Our mobile service means that one of our tutors can come to you for a convenient way to run your singing lessons. All ages are welcome for lessons.

Free trial lesson

The first singing lesson is free for both the mobile and group vocal lessons, this way the young singers can see if the teacher and the material we teach is right for them. 

Group singing lessons

Our group singing lessons are held at the Miramar Community Centre on Wednesdays after school. The groups are small, between three and five singing pupils. The material we use is the same as the mobile singing lessons and the results are just as fantastic. Hannah our teacher is extremely well trained and also uses an acoustic guitar to teach with. It is great for young vocalists to experience playing with a live instrument while they learn.

Singing classes run on Wednesdays at the Miramar Community Centre, 27 Chelsea Street.
Class 1: 4:15pm to 4:45pm
Class 2: 4:45pm to 5:15pm

Concert and recording

We run performers concerts every term where our pupils can get up on stage at a ‘cool’ venue in town and perform their favourite songs. They can play solo, with a friend or their tutor. It is an event the whole family can enjoy. We also love to record our pupils and have a small recording studio where we record with backing tracks and live instruments.

Our teachers

Our singing teachers are some of the best in Wellington and are passionate singers and musicians themselves. They are personable, easy to get along with and have a love of teaching. Their passion for singing has led them to study music past or present, play in bands or as solo singers live or in the studio. All of their valuable knowledge is ready to pass on to our pupils to help them become more confident and accomplished singers. All our singing teachers have been vetted by NZ police.


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Francesca during one of our regular recording sessions: