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Piano lessons Wellington

Our piano lessons are fun, inspiring and come with a half price trial lesson.  Our piano lessons are modern, fun we have some of the best piano teachers in Wellington. We use fun ‘jam sheets’ where the pupils learn to play by ear and that teaches them to improvise, jam with other mates or play in a band. We also teach our pupils to also read music the traditional way which is great for young musical minds.

If you are a beginner piano student we have a method that comes with a 25 page booklet full of fun modern piano songs. The songs and pop melodies are lots of fun and our piano teachers gently encourage our pupils to sing as well.

If you are more advanced then you will need more technical piano lessons. You choose the music you want to play and we will help you master it.  Learn the exercises and techniques that fast track you to being the pianist you want to be.

To book a half price trial piano lesson please contact us today.