Electric drum kit or acoustic drum kit for kids, what is best?

by The Rock Academy on November 4, 2018

Because kids learn at such a young age there are a few things to consider with the different options. The first and most important is ear health. Young ears can be sensitive so keeping the volume down is paramount. Electric drum kits are best for this. If you do get an acoustic kit, ear plugs or muffs are essential. As far as good technique goes the electronic kits are probably not quite as good in regard to stick velocity/volume, which expresses feel. But with the volume issue you have to way up the pros and cons. I have owned quite a few kits in my time including electronic and for practice (band practice too) electronic are great. The rest of the band like the low volume too. For gigs I like the acoustic kits. Personally I wouldn’t have my kids exposed to an acoustic kit even with ear plugs, the sub volume of a kick drum penetrates the ear plugs and they don’t always put the plugs or muffs in/on.

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